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#5 When People Say “You Don’t Know What I’ve Been Through” Then Go and Judge You and Not Care What Happened to You

We all know that person. Be it the popular girl, the putcast girl, the jock guy, or anyone else, they come in all shapes an sizes. You say something out of anger or because you weren’t thinking and upset someone. Obviously they get mad, and they say the following words:

"You don’t know what I’ve been through…"

Which is true. You really don’t. Even after years of knowing them, you never truly know what ANYONE has been through. But then they do the sam thing that got them mad. They make fun of you, ignore you, bully you, or anything else that will hurt you either emotionally, physically, or mentally.

These kinds of people turned around and did to you what you did to them. They take The Golden Rule (“Do unto others what you wants others to do unto you”) really serious.

Personally, I believe in Forgive-And-Forget as well as Everyone-Deserves-Respect.

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